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[Top Stories] - 'It's a cult': How winless casino-style apps keep draining money from gambling addicts

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[Top Stories] - 'It's a cult': How winless casino-style apps keep draining money from gambling addicts | NBC

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@NBCNews: RT @oliviasolon: Devastating story from @cfarivar about those who have lost up to $400,000 playing unregulated casino-style mobile games that seem to have all the addictive traits of gambling without the potential payout

@NBCNews: RT @oliviasolon: Devastating story from @cfarivar about those who have lost up to $400,000 playing unregulated casino-style mobile games that seem to have all the addictive traits of gambling without the potential payout submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

@NBCNews: RT @oliviasolon: Devastating story from @cfarivar about those who have lost up to $400,000 playing unregulated casino-style mobile games that seem to have all the addictive traits of gambling without the potential payout

@NBCNews: RT @oliviasolon: Devastating story from @cfarivar about those who have lost up to $400,000 playing unregulated casino-style mobile games that seem to have all the addictive traits of gambling without the potential payout submitted by Faction_Chief to NoFilterNews [link] [comments]

Casino workers, what's your best/funniest story that has nothing to do with depressing gambling addiction?

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[Top Stories] - Insana: Nominating ex-commodity trader Cohn to lead Fed like letting 'gambling addict run a casino'

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[Top Stories] - Insana: Nominating ex-commodity trader Cohn to lead Fed like letting 'gambling addict run a casino' | NBC

[Top Stories] - Insana: Nominating ex-commodity trader Cohn to lead Fed like letting 'gambling addict run a casino' | NBC submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

How to Avoid Overspending with Gacha in Genshin

AKA gacha-ing responsibly within your means.
With the Zhongli banner coming up, I'm making this post to warn and help people from itchy fingers and the urge to 'get just... 1 more constellation!!'. For context, I've played FGO, Arknights, SinoAlice, FEH, and Onmyoji, and am fully F2P with other games, and I've seen how far itchy fingers can go - with this game, people are being introduced to the gacha mechanic for the first time and may find it difficult to 'just stop', especially with the constellations. Here are some tips to avoid over-spending and I'll use Zhongli as an example of a limited character you wanna get.

  1. Define your goal clearly and budget how much is needed with the worst-case scenario
Worse-case scenario is you don't get Zhongli within the soft pity for accumulated limited banner pulls. At 90, it's a 50-50 chance at the banner character. So let's say you 'die-die' want Zhongli, meaning you're pulling until you get him which, if you're unlucky, is at 180 pulls. Budget for 180 pulls.
With normal purchases, that's USD100 for 50.5 pulls with the most expensive and most 'worth it' crystals per dollar. If you're buying just enough crystals for 180 pulls, you need 3 x the USD100 pack, then 1 x USD50 pack and 2 x USD5 pack and 1 x USD1 pack for a total of USD361 = 28840 crystals = 180.25 pulls.
If you anticipate future whaling, then 4 x USD100 packs will cost you USD400 = 32320 crystals = 202 pulls.
So if you want constellation 1 Zhongli, you need 2 x the above as an absolute minimum. Due to the exchange rates, it's gonna be more expensive in other regions.
  1. Buy before you gacha
Impulse purchases don't add up until you look at your card history and realise 'Oh shit'. After budgeting and before the banner releases, buy the exact no. of genesis crystals you want to gacha on for this banner and no more. That way, when you run out, you should have accomplished your main goal of getting the character + the constellations you want. Seeing there's not enough to gacha more with and having satisfied your goal, this prevents you from spending even more especially since you need to go through an additional step to purchase more crystals first. If you still get itchy fingers afterwards -
  1. You don't need higher constellations
Sure, it's nice, but do you really need a constellation 6 Zhongli? If you're financially secure and have money to spare, whatever, but if you also want Xiao or Ganyu, consider that with shitty luck, you'll need to reserve a minimum of USD361 for each of them and their constellations as well.
I suggest you use a financial planning calendar at tentatively 1 new 5* being released every month to save up accordingly.
  1. Read people's personal stories/Call your gambling addiction hotline
After achieving your goal and hitting pity, it's just gambling. Unless you have enough to guarantee another Zhongli, you're just betting on rng. If you don't have enough for 180 pulls, I would argue it's also gambling cuz it's still not guaranteed at 90 pulls - it's still a 50/50 for your husbando.
If you still wanna go, read some people's stories about gacha in Genshin first then carefully consider - this will help save you money as you evaluate if it's really 'worth it'.
If you still have that urge, call your gambling addiction hotline - it's not just for people addicted to casino gambling. There's no shame in admitting you need help in stopping, and they'll provide you with the advice to do so.
And remember -
  1. Gacha is predatory, but we can avoid falling prey to it.
If you wanna gacha even without having enough for 180 pulls, you can still go for it. But do not become desperate and splurge to get just 1 character - financial planning is a must with a gacha game. Plus, chin-up - there's always a re-run of the banner; limited characters are only limited in that they have a tiny chance to appear on specific dates. Just save your primogems accordingly.

Have fun, and all the best for your wishes!
EDIT: Just to clarify, I'm not F2P in Genshin plus the aforementioned games, in case there's any confusion, but I *have* been F2P in other games aside from the mentioned ones.
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Kim Zolciak — Gambling addiction

It’s a Saturday night in lockdown London and I have nothing better to do other than research some tea on our Bravo housewives and rewatch classic reruns of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (season 3 is HISTORY).
Kim Zolciak became the subject of my research (well, more like digging) and I noticed she was consistently linked to rumours of having a gambling addiction. Unfortunately, the Daily Mail seemed to be the only other source which obtained a detailed amount of information, primarily from Don’t Be Tardy S08E03 ‘Nirvana, Nevada’ (I can’t believe this show has 8 seasons?). I was curious, so I streamed the episode.
When the Biermann family first arrived on an RV road trip to Las Vegas, their suite was luxurious and spacious. Kim quickly went on to mention she’d barely be in the room because she knew she wouldn’t sleep and instead, spend all night long in the casino. Well, she was right.
Long story short, Kim shows all signs of having a severe gambling addiction. She sacrificed 11 hours of sleep (and it didn’t seem like a sufficient amount of time for her) choosing to stay up all night (from an RV road trip with her family to Las Vegas) switching from the gaming machines, poker, cards — anything that was gambling. Brielle didn’t get any sleep either and kept Kim company all night. In the show, Kim was seen throwing $100 in the machines repeatedly.
Kroy had a strict curfew of their RV to departure LV at 08:00 to visit the Grand Canyon. It was 07:58 and Kim’s eyes were hypnotised by the slot machines and she was snappy to anyone (Kroy) that reminded her that they’d have to leave soon. Understandably, he was getting frustrated. She referred to gambling as her ‘therapy’ and a ‘slice of heaven’. Kroy said he doesn’t know any therapist that would recommend 11 hours spent on an activity. Sources are saying she has spent about $250,000 on gambling and is therefore likely to be crippling in debt. Kim reportedly then went onto purchase thousand dollar scratch cards.
The producers asked Kim’s younger children (sorry, I don’t know their names but they seemed maybe age 5 and 8?) if they knew what Kim was doing. Her child responded ‘yes, it’s where she goes to get money.’
At the end of the episode, the producers also asked if Kim managed to win big — or leave empty handed. She hesitated and then said neither, she’s more or less the same in terms of her financial status. Kroy snorted and then Kim looked away from the camera and drank from a red cup.
Side note: Brielle questioned if a rock formation within the canyon was a volcano, to which her mother responded, “Just be pretty, honey.”
TL:DR: Kim a history of a gambling addiction and this is evident on S08E03 Don’t Be Tardy. I watched, so you don’t have to. She’s fixated on gambling and spent 11 hours with Brielle doing it, it’s her main focus of the trip to Las Vegas. Her husband is finding difficulty controlling her habits and she cannot balance her family time and her gambling time. It seems as if she lost more than she won and reportedly has a debt of $250,000.
EDIT: thank you so much for the award! 🤗❤️
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Accuse me of stealing? You will lose everything

First kind! This happened way back in the dark ages, 1986. I was 21 at the time and working for a gas station that was associated with a certain grocery store chain in Washington state. It was owned by a company not affiliated with said chain, but had locations at nearly every one.
As this was long before the days of debit cards, this was a cash only gas station. We didn’t even take credit cards. Customers would pull up, pump their gas and then come to my window to pay. We also sold cigarettes. No drinks, no snacks...customers couldn’t even get into my booth. I had been working there about a year when the company announced it was closing the location. My manager and I were offered positions at another location upstate and we both accepted. We moved our respective families and started our new jobs. As new hires (ugh).
This station was incredible busy. We did more business in 8 hrs than my old location would do in a week. This location also had a different set up: here you would pull into the station from a single entrance, pump your gas, and then drive forward to a single exit where the “Pay Here” booth was located. There were always 2 cashiers on duty. Each cashier had a cash drawer.
One thing I should note, there were also no computers. So closing the drawer down between shifts was timing consuming and tedious. We had to manually count the cigarettes remaining, and count the cash drawers. We would fill out an end of shift report listing the starting balances and the ending balances. We also had to list the gallons sold from each pump. At the end of the shift the total of gallons sold and the total cigarettes sold should equal the cash balance. It is important to note here that not once in the year I had worked for the previous location had I been off by more than 10 cents.
The following morning after my first shift I was informed by the manager that I was short $50. Impossible I said, I balanced out yesterday. He said that I must have stolen that money after I had completed the paperwork. I just looked at him and said, no I didn’t. He gave me a verbal warning and said if it happened again I would be fired and the stolen money would be deducted from my paycheck this week.
In the 5 days that followed I realized quickly the manager was up to something. My old manager who was just another worker now, was also accused of stealing. As was one other new employee. I can’t vouch for the other employee but I’m pretty sure she did nothing wrong. The employees that had been there awhile were never accused of anything. I did some checking and found out this manager was relatively new (had only been there about 6 months) and the other cashiers had been here before him. Only new cashiers were being accused of stealing. And that location had been having “stealing problems” for about 6 months and the turnover was high with the new employees.
I came to work at 6am on a Monday only to be told I was being fired. For cause. The manager accused me of taking $500 out of my drawer the previous Friday. He said he only discovered it this morning (even though he had worked Sat and Sun). I said ok and left. I was pretty angry and instead of going home, I parked in the grocery store parking lot and proceed to settle in to watch the gas station. I knew that at 9am sharp, he would take the cash in the safe and make the weekend deposit. At 9am he left the gas station and headed to the bank. But instead of walking into the bank, he walked into the Indian “casino” next door. It’s not really a casino like we think of today, but more of a betting parlor for the races. It did have slot machines, but no card tables.
I think “Well, this is interesting”.
He comes out of the casino at exactly 10 am, walks next door to the bank, does his business and then heads back to the gas station. I head home with a plan.
Every morning I follow him from the gas station to the casino. I take a picture of him leaving, and one of him arriving at the bank and walking into the casino. I take pictures of him coming out and then heading to the bank. I do this for 5 days straight. He even went on Saturday. On day 3 my old manager was fired for “stealing” $150.
I get the film developed (no digital camera in the dark ages) note the times and dates on the back of each one. Then I call the main office of the gas company. It’s after 5 but I’m hoping someone is there. And there is. I speak to a woman and explain my situation and she says she knows exactly who I should speak to and transfers me. By some grace of God, she has transferred me to none other than the President/CEO of the company!
I tell him my story and tell him I did NOT steal from his company and could prove who actually did. He took down my information and said he would be in touch. I’m thinking to myself “yeah right”. The next morning I went to the station to perform my usual observation of the manager. At 9am he leaves for the “bank”. At 10 am he comes out. At that moment 2 stern looking gentlemen approach him. One pulls out his wallet and shows him something. The other one is talking. The manager goes pale and takes a step back. Next thing I know he is being escorted to a car I hadn’t noticed and they drive off. I lose them at a traffic signal so I head back to the station. They all show back up about 5 min later, and a few minutes after that a police cruiser pulls in. The officer talks to the stern gentleman and proceeds to place the manager in handcuffs. The other man says nothing but is glaring daggers at the manager.
The President called me later that after noon and informed me that the manager had been arrested for embezzlement (turns out that in 6 months he had managed to steal about $5k). He would take the store cash into the casino and gamble with it; if he won, he would make the normal bank deposit. If he lost, he would make the deposit and note in his records that we had been short the previous day. The CEO had already been focusing on that location because of the stealing and high turnover rate, but my information helped them figure out what exactly had been going on.
I was thanked and sent a substantial check as a reward. My old manager was offered the manager’s job and I was offered my old job back. I declined as I had already found another job that I liked more and paid better. The gambling manager was sentenced to 1 year in jail and ordered to attend counseling for his gambling addiction. His wife divorced him and took their 3 children to California. His house was foreclosed on and he ended up in a homeless shelter.
Don’t accuse me of stealing. I will get revenge.
Thank you for the likes and awards!
Update 2: this was my first post and I really didn’t expect all the awards. Thank you!
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Day to Day

Day to Day
Want to start off by saying I’ve been a follower of this sub for a long time now and love to see everyone’s success stories. I commend everyone who has been able to beat this demon. That being said, I still continue to struggle with my gambling addiction. I’ve battled the ups and downs for about 5 years now. It’s been a daily problem with online casinos and sports betting apps. The majority of the money that I have lost was to online slots. I have a very solid job, and am very lucky to have steady income, however I have accumulated a substantial amount of debt(CCs and loans) from gambling.
One thing that I have realized is I struggle to make it through a day without thinking that I am missing out on making money. I am constantly thinking about ways to make(99% of the time lose) more money, thinking that it is going to solve all of my debt issues. Does anyone else struggle with this? I know that it’s not possible to erase my debt with one bet or one slots session, but I still feel the urge to gamble daily to make money. Even though I am making money daily at my job.
If anyone struggles with this or has suggestions how to get over the money urges or really any thoughts/feedback it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks to all of you and best of luck to everyone in your journey.
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The duel arena almost ruined my life

Seeing all the recent posts about removing the duel arena, I thought I'd share my story. English isn't my first language so sorry about any mistakes or weird wording.
I am 26 years old. I started playing OSRS three years ago, and started PKing around a year ago. Soon after, I started staking at the duel arena. At first, it was just small stakes, thinking it would be a fun alternative to PVP, but I quickly lost my entire bank (around 150M) to scams and bad luck. I decided to buy bonds to replace the gold I lost and told myself I would never go to the duel arena again.
Only a week later, I lost my cash stack by dying in an instanced area. I was mad at myself at Jagex for their dumb death mechanics, so I decided to buy back the gold from a website rather than with bonds. I was mad I had lost 100$ and went to the duel arena. I know how stupid this sounds, but I almost felt like I was going to win because I deserved it. But, of course, I lost 200M.
That's when everything started going downhill. I bought back the 200M, staked it, and lost again. Next, I bought 400M and staked it to cover my losses, but lost again. This time I hadn't realized a scammer had an inquisitor's mace hidden in their inventory. I kept doubling up, thinking I would eventually win and be even, but I didn't. I had lost my entire bank account of around 2000$.
That's when things got serious and I started gambling bitcoin on an online casino. I was only trying to recover what I had lost, and never gamble again. But unfortunately, I kept losing, eventually maxing my credit card.
I am now slowly getting out of a 5000$ debt, and getting help from a gambling support group. Several other members of the group also say that OSRS is what started their gambling addiction.
I realize this is all my fault, but gambling doesn't belong in a video game, especially one where it's so easy to trade gold for real-life money.
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PSA: Thinking of buying crystals for a Nat 5?

PSA: Thinking of buying crystals for a Nat 5?
TL;DR: Nat 5s are expensive. Acquiring a random one through crystal summons can be as much as an average mortgage payment. Even then, your odds will always approach, but never reach, 100% no matter how many scrolls you open
Assuming you buy the Premium Pack (11 scrolls for 750 crystals), it costs about 68 crystals per summon. The 3,000 crystal pack costs US$100. I know there are packs that increase "value" but we are going to ignore them for now as you still typically get the same number of crystals. This nets 30 crystals per USD spent.
You need 139 summons for a 50/50 shot at getting a Nat 5. That is roughly 9,477 crystals or roughly US$315.90. For barely even odds on pulling a random Nat 5.
Want a more sure bet? 598 summons are required to cross the 95% chance of 1 or more nat 5s. That is 40,733 crystals or roughly US$1,358.
So what about those packs? Monthly packs typically you get about 2 - 3 times the crystal value and the standard packs give somewhere between crystal purchase and monthly packs. Let's be as generous as possible and assume 3x the value and all on summon related items. That 95% chance will cost you ~US$453.
The average car payment in the US is $530 new, $381 used. The average mortgage payment is $1,275. So... moral of the story best case scenario, that nat 5 will cost you about the same as a monthly car payment, worst case scenario a mortgage payment. Where do you think your money is better spent?
Edit #1:
Worse yet, gatcha gaming is gambling and gambling can be an addiction. The more exposed to it you are, the easier it is to fall victim to it's mechanisms. Each pack you purchase makes the next one all the easier until you feel trapped and prone to unconscious biases like the gamblers fallacy.
Here is a fairly long but gripping Atlantic article illustrating some of the worst case gambling outcomes. It focuses more on casino gambling, but the same principles were used to design gatcha gaming. If you yourself or someone close to you struggles with gambling addiction (whether gatcha gaming, state lotteries, or casinos) consider looking in to some resources to help you (them) overcome it. It can be as emotionally and financially damaging as drug addictions.
Edit #2: grammar....
Edit #3: Changed the TL;DR to better reflect the intent of the post which is not to tell people how to spend their money, but to educate on the true costs to help inform their decision.
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Day 1 of Quitting- My story into gambling addiction

Hi everyone,
This is my first post so bare with me. It may be long so don’t feel compelled to read it.
I am 26 years old and in the midst of the Pandemic, I have been working from home since March. Before September, I would never have thought of myself having a gambling addiction. I remember being on a cruise when I turned 21 and put $20 in a slot machine and lost it and was so angry and disappointed in myself.
Then in September I kept seeing this ad on Instagram for an online casino. One day I succumbed and decided to sign-up because they had a $30 signup offer. I thought, ‘Hey what’s the harm?’ I wish I could go back and slap myself and say don’t do it.
I play through the free $30 and won $500. My whole body felt electrified. That went away when I realized there were wagering requirements (I have never been in/involved with casinos so I had no idea). By the time I met the wagering requirement, I had $75 of withdrawalable money. Still excited I made $75 for free I went to withdrawal, but found out the minimum withdrawal amount is $100. So I kept playing and eventually lost it. I wish I learned my lesson that this will be the reality most of the time.
For a bit of background, before this I was in a decent financial state. Pretty good job for someone my age, lived alone in a nice apartment, had some credit card debt, but overall manageable. I have some mental health problems (Bipolar and anxiety disorders) but received treatment and relatively stable compared to my early 20s.
As the days went on I couldn’t stop thinking about seeing that ‘big win’ flashing on my screen and kept thinking to myself, ‘that $500 could have been mine if I didn’t have that $30 bonus’. So, I decided to deposit $20 and bet low on the same game and won nothing. I felt sick like I did on the cruise.
This particular online casino gives you $1 every day, so for the next week I just played but $1 and won some, but not enough to withdrawal. About a week later, I got an email from the casino saying if I deposit $50, I’ll get an extra $50 with no wagering requirement. The thought of depositing $50 was crazy to me so I just deleted the email and continued with my free $1 a day. After about a week of that, I get another email, deposit $50 play with $200. I scoured the fine print and I only had to play through the extra $150 once, then any winnings I can withdrawal. I still hesitated until Friday night where I had a couple drinks and decided to go for it. Back then, I would say this was one of the most fun nights of my life. I kept landing the ‘fireshot’ feature and winning mini and minor jackpots. At the end of the night I won $1200 USD (I’m from Canada so it would be about $1500 CAD).
My body was so full of excitement I could barely hit the withdrawal button. When I did, I found out they had to verify my account and I had to send in the required documents. After I researched if this was standard for online casinos and researching this casino, I sent in my documents. I went to bed happy, and already had plans on what I was going to buy/pay off with this win. Unfortunately I was too excited to sleep. So I log back in and miraculously (at least to me back then), my $1200 was still there, and playable. So I thought why not play a few more rounds with a higher bet to get an even bigger win? Big mistake. By 3:00am, I was down to $100. I forced myself to stop so I could still withdrawal something. After about a week or two, I resisted playing/betting more and when I logged into my online banking and saw the $120 deposited, I think that’s when my addiction started.
I was no longer satisfied with my free $1 everyday. I started just depositing $20 here and there. On my lunch break or in the evening when I was bored. Then $20 turned into $50 and $50 to $100. After maxing my credit card with no significant wins, I decided enough was enough. And stopped for the rest of September.
Most likely because I had researched so much about online casinos, I had more ads than ever tempting me. One night again after a few drinks, I joined a different online casino. This one was completely different, with better games, a level up feature where you get to spin a wheel after each level and win free spins, cash back or free money, I was hooked again. I put in $50 and lost and was completely broke. So I patiently counted down the days until I got paid. I also sold about $500 worth of video games/consoles I didn’t want to sell, but did to have more money to gamble with.
On payday, I set an alarm for 4:00am when my pay is deposited. This was the first real sign to myself I may be becoming obsessed, but brushed it off. I deposited $100 and won $200. Same story, I had to verify my account but this was done within hours, and I got my money in two days VS a week and a half with my first casino. Stupidly, I put the $200 back in and lost it. I was back to being broke after only two days of getting paid. By the weekend, my credit card payment posted and in my eyes, I had money again.
That night I won most of what I lost back and learned my lesson and withdrew it. When I saw that sum deposited into my bank account, I was ecstatic. I first paid off my credit card I was using to make the deposits, and went out and bought AirPods Pro. I felt rich (even though the win was less than $1000). That evening I wanted to play again, but I had no money. This was the night I learned I could cancel a bill payment within 24 hours. Which I did. And played through all my winnings. Words can’t describe how disappointed I was in myself. I was broke. Credit card maxed. And the only thing I had to show for it were the AirPods. The next day I tried returning them but they wouldn’t accept the return because of their return policy on headphones. I vowed to myself to never gamble again, wrote a note in my phone describing what I was feeling so I could read it if I was ever tempted. That week I fell into a depressive episode. I couldn’t afford groceries, lied to friends and family for not spending time with them because I feared they would want to order food, I didn’t want to admit what happened, so I isolated myself.
That week was what I thought was the hardest. I just stayed in bed signing up to every casino out there for free spins no deposit sign ups to try to fill the void but you never actually win anything on no deposit spins. Finally, my good friend asked what is going on and I immediately bursted into tears and told her I was broke, and my credit card maxed. We work at the same job, and long story short, are both getting $5000 in retro pay because of a expired union contract. She told me she would lend me $5000 now, and I would give her my retro money when we get it in February. This was one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. Reluctantly, I decided to accept this kindness and we worked out a budget on how I would not let this happen again. Here’s the thing, and I will never forgive myself for, I didn’t tell her all this happened because of gambling. I was too ashamed and embarrassed.
Life was somewhat normal again for a couple weeks until one night I decide to just put in $100 and see if I can win some of what I now owed my friend back. After $500 lost, those same feelings came back, but worse since I felt I betrayed my friend’s kindness, and that this isn’t the first time this happened.
Fast forward to November - I won again (not nearly enough to recover my losses), paid my credit card and cancelled the payment, lost it all again. Then towards the end of November, my $1000 for rent sitting in my savings account kept calling my name. I have never ever been in a position where I would risk not affording rent, but my addiction was stronger and I lost $500 of it. I had about a week until my rent was due, I had nowhere to turn, I couldn’t ask my friend for a loan because in her mind, and from the few times she asked, I was sticking to my budget. My new way of handling stress was gambling, so I put another $100 in and won $600. I was saved and again vowed myself to never put myself into this position again and ‘quit’.
Now it is December, I guess this is my rock bottom. Not nearly as bad as some people’s, but here it is. I took out another credit card for ‘emergencies’ since my main one is maxed. I was good, and didn’t use it except to buy a few groceries which I swore I would pay off on payday. My mental health declined, and I deposited $100 and lost it. Then another $100. Lost it. Made another ‘promise’ to myself to stop and I did until last night. I now owe $1,000 on the new credit card, and my main one is now in a negative balance because of a subscription.
I am a liar, I take advantage of people’s kindness that I didn’t deserve in the first place, and now in more credit card debt than I know how to deal with. All I can wish for is I’ve learned my lesson. That the money I lost I will never get back, and to find some way to fill the void gambling has left in my life. After only the first day, I don’t know what will give me that feeling of excitement, the feeling of being alive. I had all my casino accounts deleted this morning, but I know there are more out there, I just really hope I can stop myself from ever going back on this path.
If you made it this far thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions on what I can do to not relapse, and any hobbies or activities that can fill the void please let me know.
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Newlywed in Crisis

Thank you in advance anyone who takes the time to read this. I’m sure this will be long as I attempt to get it all out there.
TLDR: My husband of 4 months has basically been on a year long bender. I think I’m at my breaking point.
I’ve known my husband for 5 years now. We met at 19 and fell quickly in love. I grew up very sheltered and I don’t think I had any knowledge at all of addiction other than alcoholism. I’d never heard of Xanax (his drug of choice), let alone the addictive nature of them. We went to a huge party school and almost everyone I knew dabbled in hard drugs. It was super common and at the time, my husband’s usage was no worse than anyone else I knew. The thing is, everyone else stopped eventually and moved on and got real jobs etc while my husband remained “stuck”.
He is a wonderful guy. He is loving and funny and smart. He would give anyone the shirt off his back. But when he uses he turns into some ugly monster version of himself. This past year has been the worst I’ve ever seen. He can’t hold a job. Money keeps disappearing. He’s mean and angry and a zombie half the time. Of course there are great moments, but I feel like it’s been at least 85% bad.
Being a little naive and young, I don’t think I truly realized he had a problem until this winter. I always knew he would take Xanax but I guess I didn’t realize the scope. In January, I found a bunch of pills and he basically was “falling asleep” at all hours of the day in the middle of conversations, at dinner, etc. Acting super irrationally. It clicked with me then that this was a major problem and we needed to address it. He was resistant and I let him convince me he could “handle it on its own”. Again - I was naive and wanted to believe him.
In February he started disappearing in the middle of the night, money was missing, weird behaviors. I found out that he was going the to casinos and gambling. Turns out he was siphoning money from a business account we have. So not only was I trying to help him with a benzo addiction but also a gambling addiction. In March, I begged him not to go to his bachelor party in Vegas but he went anyways. I’m not sure I’ll ever know exactly what went down, but I do know that he drained our savings account ($20,000) and came back extremely messed up on pills.
After Vegas, he agreed to go to therapy. This is a small step, but it felt like a huge one. It seemed we were making huge progress with this step. Things seemed to be okay. We had high amounts of stress due to wedding planning (thanks COVID). Right before the wedding (July) I noticed he was acting odd again. I confronted him, but he assured me it was just wedding stress. I wanted to believe him.
We had our wedding, I thought things were okay. We went on our honeymoon and he came back a day early to “take care of work stuff”. He drained our savings again ($10,000) and had to get narcan’d in a gas station parking lot because he passed out. Thank god he wasn’t actually driving at the time or he would have gotten a OUI. At this point, I’m just in survival mode. He stopped working in March. He’s drained all of our savings and emergency funds. I feel like I am a shell of a person trying to hold it all together. He agrees he needs help, but says therapy is doing enough.
Things have been strained all fall, but seemed okay. He’s still not working but he was working on tapering his dose. His last Xanax was on Halloween.... until last week. I came home from work last Friday and he was passed out with drugs next to him. He’s been on a bender since then. We missed Thanksgiving with his family because he was passed out the entire week. I also found out he’s still gambling through online means and that he owes massive debts to credit cards and drug websites. At this point, I’m sure there is more I don’t know.
I finally broke down and called my parents for help. I’m only 25 and I’m barely surviving as it is. My parents are so supportive, but they obviously want me to leave and start over. I am lost and don’t know what to do. My parents and I have agreed that he needs to go to rehab, but he obviously needs to make that choice on his own.
He is a wonderful man when he is not using, but at this point I’m not sure he will ever stop. I have lost so much of myself trying to help him. I want so badly for him to get help and for us to have a long and wonderful marriage. But we’ve only been married 4 months and all of this is going on. Plus, like I said I’m only 25 and the thought of this being the rest of my life is so scary.
I need some advice/input/stories/anything. I don’t care if you tell me to leave, tell me to stay, tell me I’m horrible. I need to hear anything from some unbiased sources. I feel like I am drowning and I desperately need help.
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Dad (Primary Account Holder)’s debt keeps increasing, effecting my credit as well. What can I do?

(Am new and also completely new to trying to understand money, sorry and please be kind. serious advice please.) Hi reddit, long story short: am 27/F, in the US, grew up gullible, ignorant, and naive towards finances, Dad opened an AMEX for me when I was a teen to ‘build credit’. I used this card and then later ended up not using it as much, instead using a suntrust and capitalone. I got into consumer debt on those, which I‘m gradually paying off now, especially now that found this reddit, and also the literary resources. I currently -2000 in Capital one and -1000 in Suntrust. Dad has always been great at keeping his credit score on point. He also emphasized that we keep ours high.
My credit score has been in the 700s or so for a while. Recently though I noticed my credit score plummet from 708 to 700 to 693. This was all in a matter of a couple months. But I was making my payments (and timely, never missed one) so fearing the worst I went over my credit report (for the first time!)... large negative balance on the AMEX category (which I stopped using). I feared my identity was stolen and so I called AMEX to see why I had the negative balance. but as it turns out this balance was all on my dad’s card, not mine, and AMEX said since he’s the primary account holder for Amex, ieffecting my credit score too.
this was all when it was 700. I went up to dad to ask what’s the deal, he assured me he will take care of it or pay it off or whatnot, now a couple months later it’s 693. Confronted him and he said more or less the same thing. Dad likes to gamble, goes to the casino weekly, so I’m suspecting Dad has a gambling addiction (though this may be a dumb question. Can you even gamble with a credit balance?) spiraling out of his control that he doesn’t want us to worry and maybe he’s trying to assure us everything will be okay. I can’t think of any other reason. Whatever the case his balances are getting higher, and when I asked him to take my name off the credit card he told me that taking my name off of the credit card will destroy my credit score. Is this true? What can I do to get my credit score back up? Advice appreciated.
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OfflineTV and Friends Minecraft Server Season 3.5: Stories and Info Drop - Return of Valkyrae and the Casino's Contract (Lore as of Dec. 8, 2020)

Since there's no post in the Minecraft server updates, I'll be sharing these few updates that I've witnessed in a story form as of December 8, 2020. I have only watched Rae's stream and some of Ludwig and Anne's stream for context.
Valkyrae's return
Valkyrae has returned to the same new lands after being away for weeks. Nobody knows for sure if she slumbered deep into her Sakura forest home just like Toast did or wandered through the foreign lands. But one thing is for sure - the land once she inhabited was unrecognizable to the point that she seeks the assistance of her neighbors to guide her into the newly shaped places.
Kktamina (Miyong), Ludwig's sidekick who went rogue and went to several adventures with Sykkuno after Michael the Robot Overlord has been missing for days, apparently discovered what might be an incident of child trafficking within the server (I hope this could be explained this incident by the original update provider), meet Valkyrae and wanted to bring her into her hideout. But Valkyrae lost her and Kktamina went on her own like always.
Along the way, she is reunited with her mentor Abe and rode the rollercoaster with him. She receives the wings that uses mana in order to fly around the server. She went into Grassjeli's floating islands, Sllepai's cricket vines, and arrives to the casino, where Abe and the rest of the residents get her addicted to Blackjack by encouraging her to play. Ludwig loaned her stacks of diamonds with interest charges while Abe just gave her stacks of diamonds to get her addicted to gambling. While playing, she was reunited with her skeleton horse that she found on her journey into this new world. Abe found the skeleton horse at some point in time and stored it into a bottle. She mentioned that she named the skeleton horse Boner.
She ended up with zero diamonds in the end and accusing the horse somehow of harboring bad luck. Abe, being in the Casino's leaderboard as the one with most diamonds on his casino card, gave her student his onw card to gamble. Not only that he teaches her Thaumcraft, but also he teaches her how to become a gambling addict as well. It ended up with Abe losing his diamonds in the process and have to play Blackjack to reclaim his lost diamonds.
Upon hearing from 5up (Tubbo's ally in previous life) about the potential of the bees, Valkyrae is now interested in beekeeping and asked Abe to learn beekeeping. Abe then told Valkyrae that he did tell her that he wanted to do that with her in the early days. No wonder Toast is obsessed with the bees.
Theory: Could Don Toast know about the power of the bees from the start and his obsession with bees is for world domination?
Does Don Toast knows this great potential of the bees? It could be a case since in the previous life, he did manage to reach the same technological advancement as Michael before he detonated the nuke. The question is, does Toast wanted to use the power of bees to dominate the server with overwhelming technology once again? Or he does wanted simply to get the resources he needs on a whim?
Casino's Contract
Ludwig check on his diamond inventory when suddenly he noticed that he cannot pay Abe when he cashes out. Apparently his diamond vault has been stolen and he starts interrogating people - from Kktamina, Ottomated, Ryan and Ash to figure out who stole his diamonds. Otto discussed his plans to grow diamonds to Ludwig. Apparently he received some visions from an individual thanking him for several stacks of diamonds and asked Ryan about these visions he is receiving. He sees this as an gratitude in learning his ways. He has a list of suspects who yeeted the diamonds: Kris, Sykkuno and Anne.
He finally interrogated Ash, who told Ludwig that Anne stole the diamonds but Ash said that she returned it to the casino, Sykkuno only stole and gambles the stolen diamonds back to the casino. it is unknown if Anne really returned the diamonds (spoiler she can't). Ludwig did warn Ash about the upcoming heist, and revealed to her that he planned his own heist with the plan of using the stolen diamonds blackmail and to renegotiate his terms with Ottomated, who is starting to get more powerful as he master the world's robotics and bees. Ludwig is worried that Otto shall build a casino of his own, and team up with Michael, as he claims that they're both nerds and more likely to team up rather than work for him to expand his casino, resulting to him returning to his old scamming ways. Otto, using invisibility potion, spied on their convo and was genuinely shocked upon hearing these convo, interrupting their conversation. Ludwig tries to use his words to Otto, but ended up with them arguing about their role in the casino, and Ludwig telling his concerns about Otto's rise to power. In the end, Otto told Ludwig to let the heist try to take the diamonds as he installed the countermeasures and he could have talked about the matters in the casino.
Otto and Ludwig agreed to the following terms:
Ludwig tried to yeet Boner from Rae but he failed as he tried to use the waystone while riding the horse, which ended up only teleporting him. Otto afterwards tends to his bees and the casino. Boner is currently in the second floor of the casino.
Side Story: The Girl livning in the volcano
Anne, the Volcano resident of the new lands who is living with bnans, found a relatively easy way to steal the diamonds. She felt that it was too easy and felt that there is no payout of doing it, and decided to condess to Ash and showed her how she did it.
Apparently, Anne failed to return the stolen diamonds inside after attempting to do it with the assistance of Ash because she does not have access to the chest. So she sent a vision to Ludwig of her in a room with a chest full of those diamonds.
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amx, chargebacks, and online casinos looking for any advice

I am an authorized user on an American Express card and I like 6 months ago I was kicked off of that primary card holders plan I believe for too many disputes at least that's what I was thinking or told, and to let you know i had about 10, anyway there was a letter sent to the primary user which didn't make much sense to me, and I have might post it another time but I was wondering if anyone was familiar with having a charge backs to a online casino and if so how did that work out ? do you know if when American Express investigates what does that eail and maybe saying i dont recognize that charge is not the right answer, I mean in this case,
I did not know but I had confronted the user who made the unauthorized transactions, when they see the card number they could see the name of who created a profile, and I would never want to harm that person in anyway or get them in any kind of mess or legal situation , or any one including myself, i know that they have their own addiction problems with gambling online, I know that it's considered an enabling because i cant help them and I dont deliver on the consequences I put out there to make this stop and maybe I need to go to an ALANON to to figure that part out but that's a different story
So back to getting on track what I'm asking is if anybody knows how American Express
when they do their investigation, what is the protocol
it is kind of under the rug and i absolutely do not want to get that person in any kind of trouble and I would also not want to get my account turned off but I would want that credited back this is a revolving account so , at the next cycle it will refresh, but i dont think that should matter. I dont know what kind of restrictions will American Express have with me I already started to create a new issue when I found out I was really upset and started this process of disputes,
wanted to create a fraud claim when I discovered it last weekend, and so I backed out of the dispute though several transactions are the same merchant, i see a few did go through as disputed.AND in general does anyone know or have a resource , what do casinos do once they get the charge back? Thank you all very much
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107 Days Gamble Free! Here's 5 things that helped me...

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've posted, but just thought it was the right time to check in and share my progress over the last few months! It's been a rough journey, but I've learned so much about myself over this time and am doing great. Here's a couple of pointers to help anyone out there struggling.
1) Posted my story on Reddit - Being able to share my story anonymously on here was such a great first step. I received a lot of support from this community, and was able to get some great advice and tips from people. Thank you all so much.
2) Told my girlfriend everything - Telling someone close to you is so important in recovery. I honestly think it's a necessary step that can't be avoided. Posting on here anonymously is a great first step, but telling a loved one or a close friend is important. It was such a hard thing to do (especially telling her how much I'd lost, casino trips on my own etc...), but it lifted the weight off my shoulders immensely. She was and still is very supportive and understanding. It's honestly so good being able to talk to her about this whenever I need to, and not having to internally deal with everything in secret.
3) Listened to After Gambling Podcast by Jamie - I would highly recommend listening to this. For me it was so motivating to listen to someone who has been through it all and has so much to share about this issue. Very helpful in the first few weeks of recovery.
4) Accepted the losses and mistakes - It may seem impossible to just accept all the money, time and energy that you spent on gambling, but in order to move on you have to put it all behind you. It was a tough pill to swallow, but you have to find a way to take it on the chin and move FORWARD. Pretend that a close friend is in your situation.... What things would you say to encourage them? For me, I just took it as a lesson, and I tell myself "Thank goodness I went through this addiction in my early 20s instead of in my 40s when I would've had a lot more to lose.... not just money but maybe even a family, a house, or a successful job". IT COULD ALWAYS BE, AND WILL GET WORSE.
5) Understood why I gambled - Addiction is a complicated issue, especially gambling addiction. Researching and understanding this addiction has made a huge difference for me. As I began to understand how addiction affects the brain, I was able to understand my own personal gambling triggers, as well as other past and current compulsive habits and related behaviours. This has really helped my understand my true underlying issues and has forced me to address them... Gambling isn't the main problem here... We gamble to escape and then we become addicted to gambling. Understand the addiction and then understand WHY you got addicted - then change some habits and introduce positive hobbies into your life.
Just quickly... Gambler's Anonymous is something I've never done, but it is something that has helped a lot of people so I thought it was worth mentioning... I take comfort knowing that I could always attend a meeting if I found that I needed to.
I hope this helps someone out there and continues to motivate those in recovery. Never let your guard down!
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Just found this forum and thought I would share my story. Was married for 25 yrs, pretty normal marriage. 2 amazing sons and dog a house a job. When sons finished high school we seperated. I left the marriage with 400g fast forward 3 yrs...yes 3 yrs and I'm broke!!! Never had any desire to gamble prior to my seperation. Went to the casino to watch Howie Mandel show and lost 190 bucks. Couldnt stop thinking about the loss so I went the following wk with my gf and won 1500 and that was the beginning of the end. I not only lost all my money but am about 50g in debt living with my sister and her fam. I'm on day 1 again for the thousandh time. I'm depressed, drink to numb the pain. I NEVER saw this coming. I now struggle with thoughts of suicide as I most days cant bare to face another day of loss and disappointment. My sons are the only reason I'm here still. I'm not even able to give them a home. I feel like an embarrassment to them. Btw I'm a 48 yo fem with no prior addictions, unless u consider yoga and exercise one.
If anyone took the time to read this thru plz plz stop b4 ur situation is like mine.
Best of luck to everyone...the struggle is real!!!
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Harsh reality!

I read so many of these stories and can relate to almost all of them. I don’t know how many can relate to me because I literally lost thousands upon thousands of dollars all within weeks. A few weeks ago I won probably $20,000 and within two weeks ive lost it all plus several more thousands. Currently, my bank account is $4000 overdrawn! I have an entire Ziploc bag full of 1099 ‘s! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically every time you win anything over $1200 you have to pay taxes on it. I live in Henderson Nevada which is right next to Las Vegas. I can literally walk to the casino from my house. Unfortunately, I’ve been gambling since I was 17 years old and I’m currently almost 55 years old! I started out gambling and my parents took me to Las Vegas when I was 17 years old. They told me is the greatest place and so much fun and they would give me money to gamble. I never got carded or anything I just got to play on my parents money. Typically, I would be the only one coming home with money at the end of each trip. My parents will often ask me for gas money to get home. It’s different when you’re not playing with your own money. Several years later after having children and getting divorced, I started playing bingo. I was living in California at the time where there wasn’t casinos nearby. I started getting hooked on bingo and then started frequenting an Indian casino within about an hours drive away. First it was bingo which I won $1200 the first time I was there. Overtime I started playing slot machines and then really got into video poker. Long story short, in 2008 I ended up moving to Las Vegas with my new husband. All of a sudden The opportunity to gamble was literally at my fingertips. I would have to spend my lunch hour from work at the casino across the street. In the evenings, my mom lives with me and is also a gambler and I would go to the casino. My husband, although when I met him didn’t really gamble much, really got into it too. Between all three of us we spend several nights a week at the casino. I am by far the heaviest better of all of us and I’ve gone from playing nickels to quarters to now dollars! At the beginning of the year I won $10,000 and one video poker hand. One night I won probably almost 20 grand just playing video poker. I’ve had stacks up on stacks of money to where I can’t even close my wallet! This was just a few weeks ago and now I don’t even have enough to cover All of the advances I’ve gotten from the casinos over the past week. I finally come to a place where I know this has to stop or I’m going to lose everything including my marriage and my gorgeous home! I have made a decision to finally get help! I really want to go to GA but right now there are no actual face-to-face meetings and I’m thinking that the virtual stuff probably wouldn’t work for me. My husband is fully aware of my struggles as well as my mother and they are both willing to help me even though they are both gamblers but not to the extent that I am. I’ve been listening to a podcast that directed me to Reddit And I’m hoping this is A form that will help me stay accountable by reading other peoples stories of gambling addiction as well as success and overcoming it. I welcome any advice anyone has to give and support because God knows I need it!
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Going down that road...

Hello all. This is my first post here and on Reddit however, I have browsed anonymously. I am a 30 year old F with a good paying job and I’ve been dealing with a gambling addiction for the last two years solid. Prior to that, it was just a social thing where I would meet up with friends and family at a casino and try a few dollars. Throw in a couple of trips to Vegas over the years since and this is where I am now. It has been steadily growing over time and I am now at the point where it is affecting my life and the choices I make with my money. Currently, it is very early in the morning and I have just spent a very large portion of my pay (just came by direct deposit yesterday btw) on online gambling. I am behind on a few monthly bills probably totalling $3500 and it is very apparent that soon I will be way behind. I have managed to juggle my finances over the last two years to accommodate the gambling, but I think I’m at that point where something is going to give. What also does not help matters is that my mom, who I am very close with is also addicted to gambling, although not as quite far as I am. So we have been enabling one another in essence. We have had discussions in the last few months about seriously quitting but we haven’t made any concrete plans. A new development has been me gravitating towards online gambling with casinos closed where I am from due to the pandemic. My mom hasn’t bothered with it to my knowledge. To get into specifics lately, I have probably gambled close to $3000 in the last two weeks, and won $8000 from it. I of course, gambled that back within hours. I found myself trying to chase that loss this morning...and just putting in even more money that was meant for bills. I have not had savings in close to two years.
I have become very secretive about the online gambling and I have not told my mom the whole story. I know I need to be truthful with her about it if I am going to change the path I am on. Finally, the kicker...because of the large losses I’ve incurred with my problem gambling in the last couple of months, I am finding myself turning to alcohol more frequently, especially after I lose. I went from being a once and a while drinker to almost every other night to dull the regret of my choices.
I recognize I have an issue and I am ready to confront it head on before I really lose control. I am just so exhausted trying to keep up the act that I am okay and juggling my payments and debt. I would appreciate any suggestions anyone may have on where to start. Finding this group has made me feel a little better knowing there are others out there that understand.
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How I QUIT My Gambling Addiction! - YouTube 'I Lost Almost £1 Million to My Gambling Addiction'  Good ... Addicted: Ryan's Story - YouTube Gambling Addiction (My Story) - YouTube Gambling Addiction: The Day I Won $20,000 (And Then Lost ... WORST GAMBLING STORY!!! $200,000 lost in 5 years!!! - YouTube 10 Signs You Are Addicted To Gambling: Stop Addiction To ... DESTROYED by SLOTS!!! (Las Vegas - Gambling Addiction ...

Gambling addiction stories might be a bit gloomy, but knowing what compulsive behavior at the casino can do to your brain and life will help you in the long run. Once you get a better understanding of the consequences of addictive gambling behavior, you will learn to control your urges and play responsibly. Another one of gambling addiction stories full of horror tells about Jodie Nealley, who was addicted not only to gambling but to alcohol as well. As a result, the girl first got into debt because of the casino, and then went to jail. A series of failures followed: first her husband left her, then Jody was fired from work. That was the last straw, because after prison the girl took up the ... In the span of five an d a half years, my gambling addiction led me to open twelve credit cards, plunge from no debt to five-figure debt, cash out my 401K and health savings accounts, and never ... Welcome To The Online Casino Gambling Addiction Stories Blog. Amazing real stories from people who overcome with their casino games addiction . Go To Blog. Amazing casino gambling recovery stories from amazing people. Don’s journey Facebook Don’s journy Don has been religiously attending GA conferences ever considering his turnaround. Don has accomplished lots of paintings to. Read More ... Many gambling addiction stories start out innocently enough—a trip to the casino here or there, a few good wins, then a loss or two. Then something happens. The same chemicals in the brain that cause a person to become addicted to alcohol or drugs soon start to react to the act of gambling in a similar way. A person feels a “rush” when he or she gambles, and because of this desire to ... Gambling addiction stories from around the world. Here at Yes No Casino we will be scouring the net for the best and worst gambling addiction stories. A lot of these should hopefully act as a warning for others of the dangers of gambling addiction and the impact this can have on the gambling individuals themselves as well as on the family and friends (and even co-workers) around them. Factors that lead to gambling addiction. While most people gamble as a hobby, some of them think they might get rich doing this, or they drown their anxiety into never-ending casino sessions. Therefore, gambling regulators have persuaded casinos to integrate tools meant to fight or prevent addiction. Gambling could be considered mental illness. There are a lot of people that struggle with gambling addiction. Therefore, there are a lot of organizations that support online casino sites and prevent gamblers from playing too much. Same goes for land-based casinos. It takes a lot of time, but gambling addiction is curable. Casino Addiction Stories. Categories: Online Gambling Guides Published by: Casino Bunus Gambler . 24/03/2015. How Casinos Enable Gambling Addicts Modern slot machines develop an unbreakable hold on many players—some of whom wind up losing their jobs, their families, and even, as in the case of Scott Stevens, their lives. On the morning of Monday, August 13, 2012, Scott Stevens loaded a ... I'm a gambling addict. Three years ago, I was convicted of white collar fraud, after I stole over $130,000 from my employer to fuel an insatiable addiction.

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How I QUIT My Gambling Addiction! - YouTube

This is a story about a Central Michigan student who struggles with a gambling addiction. He goes to Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mount Pleasant, Michigan This is a follow up to a video I released called:Life As a VIP High Roller At the Casino: What It's Like, Why I Gave It All Up and Gambling Addictionhttps://... This is the self portrait of Tony McDew. A slots machine gambling addict of Las Vegas, who has lost over $35K in a few years time. His story spans over a dec... This video is about the worst gambling relapse I went through during my 20 year gambling addiction. Hopefully watching it will help you understand that probl... Subscribe now for more! Rees Larcombe, a recovering gambling addict, joins Good Morning Britain to talk about the addiction that ... In this raw and honest video i talk about my 2-3 year gambling addiction where i lost many many thousands of dollars and how i managed to get myself out of t... My gambling story. Age 18-23 I lost $200,000. Don’t ever gamble. It’s a worse addiction than any drug out there. Gambling Addiction (My Story)In this video Tony Swedberg talks to you about having a gambling addiction. Tony goes into telling you how much of a compulsive ...