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“Casino” is a funny, violent, eye-opening glimpse into the colorful history and culture of Las Vegas casinos, and the film has helped shape how many perceive Sin City, for better or worse. Here, then, are some weird, little-known and arguably useless facts about the movie “Casino.” 1. “Casino” was based upon a real casino boss Just some random useless facts that people may or may not be interested in. Visitors: Tagged: random random fact useless fact facts. Posted on June 28, 2012 with 12 notes. Source: randomuselessfacts. Tagged: random random fact useless fact facts. Posted on June 28, 2012 with 7 notes. Source: Here are some facts about human body that maybe useless to know. 1.If you don’t move for 15 minutes, you will fall asleep. 2.If you block your nose while eating a mint, you can’t taste it 3.You weigh slightly less under a full moon. 4.The surface area of your lung is roughly 750 Sq. Feet or a nice sized apartment with a den and walk-in closet. 5.The hair of an average person can grow up to Useless Facts for Roulette Nerds. Leave a reply. Roulette is a blast. You put a few chips onto the felt, the roulette wheel spins, and sometimes magic happens. Let’s do some damage, shall we? But there’s a lot about this seemingly simple game you might not know. First, it’s often called the “devil’s game,” because all the numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666. The nerdy fun 23 Random And Useless Movie Facts You Probably Never Knew Before Robert Downey Jr. always hid snacks on Marvel sets. One day he randomly offered Chris Evans blueberries in the middle of a scene Some of the most interesting facts about casinos and gambling come from societies where it isn't allowed, proving that it's hard to keep people from the allure of a potential big win. Gamblers in Japan are forced to exploit a huge legal loophole to get their fix, while one of the world's most famous casinos in Monaco forbids locals from playing at all. In the United States, Las Vegas reigns Useless Daily: Facts, Trivia, News, Oddities, Jokes and more! Amazing random stuff, useless knowledge, interesting trivia, odd historical facts, weird news, funny jokes & totally useless information you probably don’t know. Animals; Fashion; Food ; History; Law; Movies; News; Science; Shopping; Technology; World; Sports; Jokes; Random; You are here: Home / Movies / 20 fun facts about “Home Cards & Casino; Casual; Live Wallpaper; Sports; Widgets; Top of the Day Scoreboard Forum News Videos Statistics Wallpapers iPhone/iPad Sign In. Find an application or an Android game : Free Paid All. You are Here. Home > Applications > Entertainment > Useless Facts 2010 - Free. More...News from Androidosphere. Chrome OS to get support for Camera RAW files. The latest promotional video for In the Bond films up to Casino Royale, Bond is seen to consume 114 drinks – the equivalent of one every 24.3 minutes. He primarily drinks champagne (35 glasses) and only enjoys one beer. And is pissed a total of 0 times. 53. The only Bond film since From Russia With Love that doesn’t involve a helicopter at some point is The Man With The Golden Gun. A useless and boring fact, but it is Here are 40 Interesting Casino facts. 1-5 Casino Facts 1. Ben Affleck is banned for life from playing Blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas after being caught counting cards. - Source 2. One

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